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Individual taxation

Personal taxation

Our tax law firm advises its clients who are individuals, French tax residents or non-residents, on their various personal or patrimonial issues.He offers assistance in optimizing your personal tax situation and assists you with declarations of income or solidarity tax on wealth ("ISF") and the new tax on real estate wealth ("IFI").

In terms of income tax, we advise our clients on the implementation of tax deductions making it possible to reduce the taxable base taxable on income tax or on the implementation of tax reduction and credit. tax which in practice reduces the amount of tax payable. Certain structures can also be considered in the event of a real estate investment.

Your tax lawyer also offers assistance for property tax issues such as the taxation of movable and real estate assets, the free transfer of assets (donation and inheritance) and the establishment of a civil society, asset holding company or trust. .

Finally, our tax law firm intervenes to assist and represent its clients in the event of a conflict with the tax administration. Individuals are generally subject to checks on their personal situation and are subject in particular to proposed rectifications in terms of income tax or registration duty.In certain cases, our clients ask us to defend them during '' a contradictory examination of their personal tax situation (ESFP) or the regularization of their personal tax situation as well as in the event of regularization of assets held abroad. We obviously represent and defend during contentious proceedings before administrative or judicial jurisdictions.

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